Map Matching Tool

This tool estimates the most likely trajectory given raw GPS locations and OpenStreetMap data.

Precomputed examples

Supported input formats

  1. GPS Exchange Format (.gpx)
    • A common, XML-based GPS data format. More....
  2. Comma-separated values (.csv or .txt)
    • Timestamp (required): int or float, Unix timestamp or YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
    • Latitude (required): float
    • Longitude (required): float
    • Speed (optional): float, in [m/s]
    • Examples:
      2018-10-30 13:55:42.509389,51.095868333,3.125031539,6.25
      2018-10-30 13:55:42,51.095868333,3.125031539
Input examples: download.

Using the API

Direct HTTP requests to the Map-Matching API require an Authentication header. If you perform a request without this header, you will receive a 401 Unauthorized or 502 Service Unavailable response. Contact us for more information.

Try it yourself

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