Job offering for researcher investigating intelligent agents and recommendation systems

The "WAVES" research group is the expertise center of the Department of Information Technology of Ghent University/IMEC in Belgium for research in the field of new interactive media services, personalization and recommendation systems. Current research within the WAVES group is focused around the recent trends emerging in the current online and offline world where users have to cope with an overload of information (blogs, rss, audio, video...). At the same time we observe that the presence on the web becomes more personal and online identity and activities gain importance. Within this context and by using the semantic access to information provided on the web, we see an increasing role for so-called assisting and adaptive intelligent software agents. These agents, localized in network, have the purpose of assisting the end-users in their online and offline activities. Examples of such agents are recommendation engines. Within the presented research new online trends will be identified together with the application of new and existing recommendation techniques. The research will exist among other things of:

  1. Study of self-learning systems
  2. User-modeling and extraction of metadata
  3. Initiation of experimental set-ups for the collection of user and usage data
  4. Candidates with a Master degree in Computer Sciences, Electronics, Physics or Mathematics qualify for this research job. Experience is not necessary but interest in web technology, software development and a user centric research approach are an advantage.

Job Offer

What do we offer? We offer a pleasant work climate within a young dynamic team and the possibility of obtaining a PhD. If you are interested in this job offer and joining our research team, please address your application letter and curr. vitae to:

Isabelle Van der Elstraeten
Ghent University
iGent, Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 126
9052 Gent, BELGIUM

Tel.: +32-9-2643321

Questions concerning the position can also be sent to this email address.