Network planning

  • Coverage and capacity calculation of wireless communication networks
  • Automatic network design based on user requirements
  • Role of cost and exposure in network planning
  • Experimental assessment of wireless coverage
  • Planning expertise in different physical environments (office, home, industry,…)
Research projects: 

  • iMinds-DEUS: DEUS’ primary goal is the development of platforms for wireless network solutions and services that allow easy deployment of heterogeneous wireless network infrastructure and which can ensure a simple composition of location-based services in dynamic environments
  • SBO SymbioNets: SymbioNets introduces a new concept called 'Symbiotic Networks', i.e. independent, co-located homogeneous & heterogeneous, wired & wireless networks that cooperate across all layers and across network boundaries through advanced sharing of information, infrastructure and (networking) services
  • iMinds-FORWARD: Creating robust and reliable wireless networks for harsh industrial environments
  • iMinds-MoniCow: More Efficient Cattle Monitoring Through an Advanced Data System
  • iMinds-HYCOWARE
  • Volvo IT
  • Arcelor Mittal
  • Excentis
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Tools and Valorisation: 

WiCa Heuristic Indoor Propagation Prediction (WHIPP) tool

Network planning tool for indoor environments, accounting for physical layout of building and experimentally validated.

  • Calculation of coverage maps
  • Calculation of total installation cost of wireless networks
  • Low-cost automatic network design
  • Low-exposure automatic network design
  • Frequency planning
  • WiFi-3G/4G femtocell

  Android version for tablet

  • Check coverage on the spot by performing measurements
  • Finetune path loss model based on measurements and plan your network


Key Publications: