Traffic modeling for environmental impact


Road traffic forms the most important source of noise emissions in urban as well as rural environments. Research within the WAVES group on the environmental impact of road traffic is mainly focused on measuring and modeling emissions and immissions. Over the past years, two dynamic prediction models for noise have been developed, called MicroBASS and Noysim. Both models make it possible to draw time-varying maps of the noise level, and by consequence, maps of derived measures, such as LA10 or LA50. It is even possible to draw maps of totally new indicators, which are based on the time evolution of the noise level. Both models combine a dynamic traffic simulation model (Quadstone Paramics or Aimsun) with noise emission and propagation models.


Research projects: 
  • Mobilee (supported by DWTC)
  • Steunpunt Mobiliteit
  • GRAFIC (supported by Ademe)
  • University of Cergy-Pontoise (Paris, France)
  • Griffith University (Brisbane, Australia)
Tools and Valorisation: 
Key Publications: