Smart monitoring networks

  • Application of models for machine listening and auditory cognition into smart sound meters and acoustic sensor networks.
  • Large-scale networks of sound monitoring stations have been deployed already in Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Rotterdam and Paris.
  • Mobile sound measurements combining GPS data allow to map larger areas with fine spatial resolution. This technique has already been applied e.g. in Paris (by walking) and in Bangelore (India) and Sao Carlos (Brasil) using bicycles.
  • Dynamic noise mapping techniques have been developed, which use model-based interpolation between measurements, with high temporal and spatial resolution.



Research projects: 
  • IWT SBO project IDEA (Intelligent Distributed Environmental Assessment)
  • UGent IOF project SSM (Smart Sound Monitoring)
  • Ademe GRAFIC project
  • Geluidmeetnet Maasvlakte
Tools and Valorisation: 

ASAsense is a spin-off company of the WAVES lab, that develops and deploys smart sensor network solutions.

Key Publications: