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Workshop: Smart towards a high-quality living environment, a pioneering role for Flanders

The aim of this workshop is to unite knowledge institutions, policy makers, and companies in order to make Flanders an exemplary region in the field of smart monitoring and management of the living environment.  A good living environment is experienced as pleasant, invites healthy behavior and causes the lowest possible  pressure  on  health. Within the Coock project the emphasis is on noise, air, and electromagnetic radiation. In addition to monitoring the situation and the impact on residents and users, a smart policy also requires a link to the pressure that activities exert on this living environment. Traffic and transport are important, but certainly not the only driving forces.

Date: January 12th, 2021, 13:00


  • From  data  to  knowledge  and  prediction; trend  analysis;  interpolation between measurements; ...
  • Living  environment  quality  data: how to deal with a diversity of data; exchange of data between initiatives;...
  • New sensors in a smart city context and their integration; personal exposure monitoring; ...

Agenda (4h online event):

  • Ongoing policy initiatives (introduced by government institutions)
  • Introduction of topics Noise, Electromagnetic, Air quality – followed  by workshop with stakeholders
  • Introduction data collection, modelling, knowledge extraction – followed by workshop with stakeholders

Contributions from:

  • Van Campenhout Karen / Hans Reynders (Departement Omgeving)
  • Christophe Stroobants (VMM)
  • Dick Botteldooren / Luc Dekoninck(UGent)
  • Wout Joseph / David Plets (imec)
  • Martine Van Poppel (vito)
  • Valerio Panzica La Manna (imec)

Registration: online form

Registered participants will receive the zoom-link a few days before the meeting.