Sarah Verhulst

Prof. Dr. Verhulst is Associate Professor in Hearing Technology and joined Ghent University in 2016 where she is leading the ERC project "Robust Speech Encoding in Impaired Hearing". She has a background in electrical and acoustical engineering and received her PhD from the Technical University of Denmark in the topic of cochlear mechanics and otoacoustic emissions. After post-doctoral training at Boston and Harvard University (computational auditory neuroscience), she became Assistant Professor in physiology and modeling of auditory perception at Oldenburg University.

In the Hearing Technology lab, we adopt an interdisciplinary approach to study sound encoding in the normal and impaired auditory system. We combine physiological methods (EEG and otoacoustic emissions) with computational modeling of the auditory periphery to study how different aspects of peripheral hearing loss (cochlear synaptopathy/hidden hearing loss and outer-hair-cell loss) interact and affect sound perception. Our interdisciplineary approach to hearing science is unique and able to yield novel and senstive hearing screening methods as well as efficient hearing restoration strategies. We furthermore focus on novel EEG technologies and on realistic noise-exposure guidelines for an ever-growing ageing and noise-exposed society.  

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