Paul Devos

Paul Devos received the M.Sc. degree in physics (1987) and the M.Sc. degree in physical engineering (1989) both from the Ghent University, Belgium.
In 1996 he received the PhD degree in physics from EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) after conducting research about mechanical and magnetic energy dissipation in ceramic superconductors.
After taking positions in industry he became in 2002 a Professor at the Ghent University College, and from 2013 at the University of Ghent, teaching students in the fields of Digital Electronics, Embedded Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical Electronics and Process Instrumentation.
Since 2015 he is part Waves research group at INTEC.
His experience and current interests are in multidisciplinary research topics like acoustics, bioacoustics, biomedical instrumentation (intravascular Doppler, fall detection, e-Health, ... ) and signal processing.