Amine M. Samoudi

Amine M. Samoudi is a PhD student in wireless, acoustics, environment and expert systems (waves) at Ghent University, department of information and technology. He received his Master of engineering degree in telecommunication and network engineering, in August 2012 from the National Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, Rabat/Morocco. Since February 2013, he is a research assistant at iMinds UGent/INTEC (Belgium). His current research primarily involves neurostimulation research which includes the percutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation and deep transcranial magnetic stimulation.He has received several research grants for the medical applications of electromagnetic fields. 

Neurostimulation, Brain Stimulation, EM Simulations, Dosimetry, Exposure,BioEnginnering, Multimodality Imaging (SPECT/MR, PET/MR), BioElectromagnetics, Electromagnetics, Medical Physics.
+32 9 33 14860