Researcher for Electromagnetic Entomology

The "WAVES" research group ( is the expertise center of the Department of Information Technology of Ghent University/IMEC in Belgium for physical-layer research of advanced wireless networks and bioelectromagnetics.

Function description

Radio-Frequency (RF) Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) enable many applications such as wireless communication between billions of users worldwide and detection of flying objects using radar. 5G telecommunication networks are being deployed now and will enable huge data rates but also create different interactions with the human and animal bodies. The interaction of humans and animals with these fields depends on their electromagnetic properties. For some animals, invertebrates and insects in particular, these electromagnetic properties are unknown or underexplored.

Important research domains in this context are:

  • Determination RF-EMF insect exposure
  • Estimation of dielectric heating of insects by man-made RF EMFs
  • Development of entomological radar
  • Measurements of dielectric parameters of invertebrates


We are looking for enthusiastic candidates to perform research in the domains above in both national and international projects. Candidates with a Master degree in electrical engineering, Physics engineering, biomedical engineering, applied physics, biophysics, or a related Master of Science degree qualify for this research job.

What do we offer? We offer a pleasant work climate within a young dynamic team and the possibility of obtaining a PhD. If you are interested in joining our research team, address your application letter and curr. vitae to:

Isabelle Van der Elstraeten
Ghent University
iGent, Technologiepark-Zwijnaarde 126
9052 Gent, BELGIUM

Tel.: +32-9-2643321