Bert De Coensel

Bert De Coensel is a part-time associate professor in computational psychoacoustics at Ghent University, and adjunct lecturer at the Griffith School of Environment, Brisbane. He received his MSc and PhD degrees in Engineering Physics in 2002 and 2007, both at Ghent University. From 2008 to 2014, he was a postdoctoral fellow of the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO-Vlaanderen). Since 2004, he has been a visiting researcher at Stockholm University, at the University of California at Berkeley (supported by a honorary fellowship of the Belgian American Educational Foundation), at Griffith University, and at the University of Cergy-Pontoise. His research interests include audio signal processing, acoustical sensor networks, computational auditory scene analysis, machine audition and auditory perception. As author or co-author, he has contributed to about 100 papers in international journals and conference proceedings. At Ghent University, he currently teaches the course on audio engineering. He is a member of Belgian Acoustical Society (ABAV), the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and IEEE. He is expert member of ISO working group TC43/SC1/WG54 on perceptual assessment of soundscape quality. Furthermore, he is co-founder and managing director of ASAsense, a spin-off company of Ghent University that focuses on the development of intelligent sensor networks.